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Shipment costs

Spain( certified package, 48 hour delivery aprox.)

WeightSpainEuropeOther countries
Up to 100gr4,90 €4,30 € 5,10 €
100gr- 500gr4,90 €8,30 € 11,90 €
501gr- 1 Kg4,90 €14,55 € 22,80 €
1Kg - 2Kg4,90 €22,10 € 38,30 €
2Kg - 3Kg7,90 €32,10 € 48,30 €
3Kg - 4Kg10,90 €42,10 € 58,30 €
4kg - 5Kg13,90 €52,10 € 68,30 €
Note: If the order is over 1 kilogram of weight, shipping will add 10€/kg additional.

All the orders will be shipped in a maximum timelapse of 1 working day after payment.
For national shipment (Spain), the estimated delivery time is 2 working days
For the rest of the countries, estimated delivery time will vary, depending on country tolls and internal mail.
Don't doubt about consulting us at

How can i pay at Farmacia De La Flor?

De La Flor Pharmacy offers several payment types. You can pay your orders through bank transfer or credit card.

  • Bank transfer: this payment works as the previous one, but at the last payment step you will see a page with Pharmacy account details, which you will have to print and use at a bank to make the bank transfer.
  • Credit card: The payment charge will be effective in the same moment that the order payment is confirmed. Don't be afraid to use the credit card values: the SSL system (Secure Sockets Layer) guarantees the transmission of this data totally encrypted.


Any error or defect on the items will be repaired at no cost for the buyer. No returns will be available after seven (7) days after the order delivery date. No returns will be admitted if not previally notified by phone (985 56 11 37).

"I wish to cancell my full order": Your order can be cancelled completelly before shipment. If your order is being delivered, we can not stop it. If that case happens, you can reject it when delivered so it is delivered again to us.

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