This product is a cosmetic cream that has been specifically formulated to fight against the effects of cellulite, particularly in the rebel areas. Recommended for - Women who have cellulite visible to the naked eye, with the orange peel and orange peel marked. - For women seeking an etchant, effective on stubborn cellulite and anti-recidivism. Action - Help to mobilize and burn fat in adipocytes (lipolysis) - Prevents the development of adipocytes, through action "anti-relapse", by constraining the storage of fat (inhibition of adipogenesis); - Promotes natural elimination of excess fluids. Active ingredients It contains Phytocellactive-complex, an exclusive complex consists of 5% caffeine, of Adipoless and to Edemine. These active ingredients produce a unique thermal cryo-action (effect "hot-cold") that will stimulate the micro circulation under the skin and help eliminate excess fluids. Directions for use Apply daily dose appropriate product on body areas with stubborn cellulite. Lightly message circularly the legs by pressing up and down. After a few minutes of massage, you may feel a feeling hot and / or cold, sometimes accompanied with slight stinging and temporary redness. The appearance and intensity of these possible reactions, disappear completely in all cases After 30 minutes, may differ depending on the sensitivity of each individual and are Signs of innovative cosmetic action of the product. These phenomena are transient and do not be confused with a reaction intolerance to the product. If redness excessive, wash thoroughly with cold water Wash hands after applying the product.
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