LACER OROS TOOTHPASTE INTEGRAL ACCION 125ml LACER Oros contains the active ingredients required to prevent and control the main disorders of the mouth, namely, bleedings gums and dental caries. It also has antiseptic and desensitizing properties that favour the reduction of dental plaque and tooth sensitivity. Its complete formula provides comprehensive oral protection to preserve the health of teeth and gums. Triclosan (an effective antimicrobial agent with a broad spectrum of action) and zinc (which reduces the formation of plaque and the development of tartar) fight bacterial plaque, which triggers gum disease. LACER Oros is effective against early gingivitis because it improves the general condition of inflamed and bleeding gums. Another ingredient of LACER Oros, potassium nitrate, has been shown to be one of the most effective substances for the reduction of sensitivity to cold, heat, and sweet and sour flavours because of its fast, long-lasting action. The fluoride content strengthens tooth structure and remineralizes enamel, thus promoting the desensitizing action of potassium nitrate and providing protection for the teeth against the development of caries. LACER Oros contains panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and vitamin E (mouthwash) or aldioxa (toothpaste) as gingival revitalizing agents because they facilitate regeneration of epithelial cells, while restoring the good condition of the gums and strengthening them.

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