Restructuring cream formulated with lactobionic acid, gluconolactone and Acid hyaluronic, which forms a matrix on the skin that seals the moisture and protects external aggression. Neostrata Bionic ® cream reverses signs of photoaging skin renewal by promoting epidermal and the dermal redensification reduction of free radicals. Its use reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loss of vitality and restores the skin smooth and bright. 50 ml Jar for all kinds of skins. Composition: 2% lactobionic acid Neostrata ® 4% gluconolactone Hyaluronic Acid Uses: Daily Care of sun damage to all skin types. Adjuvant therapy retionoides any topics. Post dermocosmetic techniques, peels, lasers, etc NEOSTRATA BIONIC CREMA 50ml LACTOBIONIC FORMULATION Instructions: Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin and spread gently over face and neck. Neostrata Cream Bionic ® allows the use of makeup later application. Added value: Formulated with the 3 rd generation AHAs Neostrata ® Technology, lactobionic acid, with an extremely powerful antioxidant and moisturizer for all skin types. Acid Lactobionic is the main component of the solutions used in organ preservation for transplantation due to its ability to prevent damage tissue caused by free radicals during storage organs. Thats allows these organs being retained more than two days outside the human body. And these highly antioxidant properties are the Neostrata ® have been working for years with this molecule to take advantage of its many benefits to the skin.

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