What is REVIDOX? Revidox with Stilvid is a next-generation dietary supplement developed by Laboratorios ACTAFARMA in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). REVIDOX contains an internally-developed formula consisting of concentrated active substances with STILVID 84%, based on GRAPES (enriched with stilbenes, RESVERATROL) and POMEGRANATE (with punicalagins, procyanidins and ellagic acid). These active substances represent a major advance in the field of nutraceutical anti-ageing research. The secret ingredient comes from wine and cuts the ageing process in cells by half. Spanish scientists have come up with a pill for eternal youth. Apparently the answer is in wine, but we would need to drink 45 bottles to benefit, although that would damage the liver.

So now the benefits have been synthesised into a pill which contains eight milligrams of resveratrol, the so-called gen of long-life.

The amount is enough to slowdown the ageing process of cells in the body and the process has been patented by Spanish scientists.

Grapes are subjected to ultraviolet light for some seconds which causes the good drugs to multiply and now the benefits are in pill form, Revidox, which cuts the effects of the aging free-radicals in half every day.
About Revidox In 2003, researchers from Harvard University started a research about sirtuin, a protein that claims to be an anti aging factor.

David Sinclair and Marcia Haigis are the two principal scientists involved. The supposed properties of this protein is not only fighting the aging process but also some diseases, as some types of cancer. This is something that needs a logical process of testing in human beings. The University of Washington has reported that the principal sirtuin activator is resveratrol, a substance that can be found in red wine and in grapes, especially in red ones.< The Spanish CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), the most important Spanish Government research Organization, found by accident that resveratrol (they called Stilvid) can be obtained concentrations 2000 times higher than normal, by the method of exposing the grapes to ultraviolet light. They were looking for increasing the grapes pigmentation without succeed, but found the resverastrol massive production. They registered the discovery and launched, through a pharmaceutics Company, a product with capsules containing each one the resveratrol of 24 bottles of red wine or 45 Kgs. of red grapes. The product is completely legalized by the Spanish authorities and its name is Revidox.

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