LACER FRESH TOOTHPASTE HALITOSIS 75ml LacerFresh Dental Gel is a dental gel with intense refreshing and antiseptic action. It acts in three main ways: It has an intense, long-lasting fresh flavour thanks to its composition of essential aromas: eucalyptol, menthol and refreshing balsamic mint aroma. This aroma contains a cooling agent, one of the most innovative products in the perception of freshness that gives your mouth a long-lasting fresh taste. It also has antiseptic and anti-plaque action (triclosan, zinc chloride) to protect against germs and prevent bad breath for hours. Finally, thanks to the right proportion of sodium fluoride and xylitol, it provides the ingredients necessary for preventive action against dental caries. LacerFresh Dental Gel It gets its anti-halitosis effect from its intense, long-lasting flavour and bactericide action. It is also perfect for oral hygiene because of its anti-caries action, not to mention that it does not damage dental enamel due to its low abrasiveness index, RDA: 37.
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