DermoDENSIFYER stimulates the cell renewal and reactivates the production of collagen and volume-creating filling substances. Skin density and elasticity significantly improve and even deep wrinkles are visibly reduced – without any chemical peeling. Chemical Peelings are a professional treatment for skin renewal and should be applied by dermatologists only. A powerful combination Inspired by the efficacy of chemical peelings, Eucerin® Anti-Age Research has developed the DermoDENSIFYER face care range that accelerates the skin’s own renewal process, based upon our latest findings on two selected ingredients: Arctiin is a plant active extracted from burdock fruits. Eucerin® Anti-Age Research scientifically proved that the fruit accelerates the renewal process of collagen and filling substances. Apiaceae-Peptides are active molecules extracted from anise fruits. They have been identified by Eucerin® Anti-Age Research for improving the skin’s connective tissue structure by reactivating the cellular network. This results in an increased cell activity. The skin is more strengthened and deep wrinkles are visibly reduced DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate enhances the results of the daily anti-age care. It contains 50% more* Active ingredients: Arctiin and Apiaceae-Peptides and penetrates quickly in the deeper skin layers for a breath-taking in-depth Anti-Age action. Directions for Use : Before application, clease your face well. Shake vial thoroughly, twist the tip of cap counter-clockwise until it detaches from vial. Pour a small amount of the concentrate on two fingers and massage it into the skin. Apply your daily anti-age care. Note: first time users are recommended to apply the product on the inner forearm and assess skin condition for at least a day before applying it to the face. As an optimal complement of your anti-aging program Eucerin recommends: DermoDENSIFYER Day, Night and Eye Care.
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