FISIOCREM SOLUGEL GEL ARNICA Muscle Joint Rub Herbal Cream 250ml

Combining the wisdom of the earliest natural healers with the technology of modern science, Fisiocrem SOLUGEL combines natural plant extracts that are gently removed from the flowering plants and formed into micro sized particles before being bound into solution with purified water. Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is a fast acting non-greasy formulation that delivers high levels of active plant extracts penetrating deep into muscles and joints. These extracts are not homeopathic dilutions. They are concentrated pure herb extracts derived from plants that are grown and harvested to specific requirements especially for Fisiocrem SOLUGEL. Fisiocrem SOLUGEL is the ideal natural solution for soft tissue trauma such as bumps, bruises and common muscular aches and pains that result from sport injuries or everyday life.
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