Obegrass is a dietary supplement that contains active substances in its formulation that help to regulate intestinal transit and control your weight. Thanks to the synergistic action of its active substances, Obegrass helps control your weight while keeping your figure trim, regulating intestinal transit in a controlled manner, as well as improving the microflora in your intestine itself. Is a dietary supplement consisting of totally natural ingredients that provide beneficial nutrients for your body. Its ingredients are: FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). Poly-n-acetyl glucosamine (Chitosan). Vitis vinifera (Polyphenols and anthocyanins, quantified). Ascorbic acid FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES Have 2 main functions1. They have the characteristics of dietary fibre, reducing intestinal transit time and increasing stool bulk, as well as having a fat-limiting effect. Many studies also confirm that the fructooligosaccharides present in OBEGRASS stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria that are natural body flora (they are endogenous), and this alone provides significant health benefits. To summarise, fructooligosaccharides: Help to maintain a good balance between your weight and your figure. Help to correct constipation Help to reduce cholesterol levels by reducing fat absorption Encourage the development of endogenous bifidobacteria, which enhance vitamin synthesis and absorption of minerals such as calcium, also helping to strengthen our defence system CHITOSAN (Poly-n-acetyl-glucosamine) Chitosan is a substance derived from Chitin, a polysaccharide found in the shells of different crustaceans such as crabs. Generally speaking this is a dietary fibre of marine origin and as such it has a series of characteristics that are inherent to fibre. Since fibre cannot be absorbed or digested, when it reaches the stomach it finds itself in an acidic medium and it binds to lipids (fats), incorporating them into its structure. They are later eliminated in excretion. Fat that is taken up by Chitosan like this becomes non-absorbable fat. VITAMIN C This is essential for body development and maintenance. It has an important antioxidant action and facilitates the absorption of other vitamins and minerals. It also acts synergistically with Chitosan by stabilising the insoluble molecule formed when Chitosan binds with dietary fats, thus favouring its elimination. GRAPE (VITIS VINIFERA) Grapes have an antioxidant action. They are traditionally known for their ability to neutralise free radicals, preventing the oxidation of various molecules such as LDL (“bad cholesterol”), DNA, etc. They also stimulate nitric oxide production, which has vasodilatory properties, enhancing oxygen supply to the cells. How to take it? It is recommended to take one sachet about 10 minutes before each main meal. It can be taken indefinitely, as part of your balanced diet
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